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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: Americans and the "rotting meat" smell
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I have heard that the soldiers in Vietnam could smell our soldiers coming. They smelled like rotting meat. What you smell like has more to do with what you eat than what ethnicity you are. The fact is, many people of a certain ethnicity may eat a certain way, confusing someone into thinking it is a factor related to ethnicity rather than the type of food consumed.
Vegetarians produce less foul body odors from armpits and other places because they do not consume rotting flesh.
Mary , Belmont, CA, United States , 37 , Female , White/Caucasian , Over 4 Years of College , Upper middle class
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: Americans and the 'rotting meat' smell
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The smell of a person depends on only 3 things, 1. what kind of food they eat, 2. How often they take shower, and 3. What they put on their skin, things like perfume and lotion etc. So all other explanations are stupid and racist. People tend to excrete what they eat when they sweat. If you do not take shower, bacterias multiply on your skin and you smell bad. Bacterias like wet surfaces and they will feed on the wet (sweat)food you excrete when you sweat.
James , Seattle, WA, United States
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: The darker the skin.. the more acryd the odor
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Its sad to awknowlege, but the racial slurs attributed to black people smell are not entirely based on racism as so many people claim.

It is a fact that africans or black people have a much higher concentration of apocrine glands than any other race. Apocrine glands excrete along with sweat, odors emenating off protein and fats. These odors smell of acetone or otherwise are very malodorous, because the secretions produce bacteria causing odor.

The apocrine and eccrine glands work synergistically with bacteria to produce what you call body odor. Blacks share the two glands of the armpit (the axillary organ) with the gorilla and chimpanzee closer to any other racial enclave in the world. This is due to environmental conditions in africa and other warm weathered countries.

Also blacks are 74% more probable to contract apocrinitis(disease of the appocrine glands) which has as one of its symptoms; extremely bad body odor (akin to that of human feces). A pungent, musky scent.

I believe this is the reason why we attribute bad smell to black people.
Justin , Montreal, NA, Canada , 28 , Male , Hispanic/Latino (may be any race) , Over 4 Years of College , Middle class
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