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Subject: aks for ask
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I'm white, and I can say "ask" correctly, but I have trouble with "asked." I just can't seem to pronounce it. I know how but it never comes out right.

So for some people it might be as simple as that.

And we do live in a large country with many regional accents and dialects. As long as a person can carry on an intelligent conversation and you know what they are saying, why worry about it?

Laurie S, Port Saint John, FL, United States , 35 , Female , Catholic , White/Caucasian , Straight , High School Diploma , Lower middle class
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: We all have to try harder
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I have struggled my whole life with a "hick" accent. It has held me back professionally, it has made me less confident when dealing with the city folk around me. I lived in Britain where they are generally appalled by the state of American English. I will make sure my kids can speak American English correctly. Communication skills are the most important thing a person can possess. I blame slang, TV, pop culture, IMing and the general tendency to blend languages, i.e. Spanglish, Chinglish and the thirty other non-languages being spoken in my city.

A typical high school student from 1920 would not be able to understand the average American today. This is sad.
Dot L, L.A., CA, United States , Female , Middle class
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