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Subject: My darker sister
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I'm very light skinned but have been treated basically equally by others. Maybe it's the environment I've grown up in. However, my younger sister is dark, having the skin tone of an Hispanic (in the summer - but she is darker than your 'typical' white person.) She has white features but darker skin. She has been treated equally, too, in her environment, as far as I know. I've heard dark-skinned women feeling jealous over lighter-skinned women. I think there are people of all races who are beautiful, not just 'pale' whites. By the way, my sister and I are 'full-blood' related, in case you were wondering. The only reason I can think of as to why we look so different is that we inherited the opposite traits from our parents. She's as tall and thin as a wire, whereas I'm curvacious and short. To me, she's the 'modern' definition of beauty, whereas I'm a 'vintage' one. I have most of the characteristics of a 'beautiful' woman in the 1800s, and at times I worry that men think I'm 'easy' due to my, um, endowments. I, however, don't lead a lifestyle one would typically consider someone easy. Maybe it's just me.
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: High Yella
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Im what you would call high yella. Light skin runs in my family. And while some members of my family have that Im better than you attitud, i don't in fact im just the opposite. My friends where all darker than me and used to tease me saying 'hey little white girl' and the fact that i had fine hair, natural blond hair and hazel eyes made it worse. My daughter when she was younger used to think that I was white, because of the way i looked, so i started tanning to make myself look darker. I would prefer if I could to be caramel complexion like my daugter is.
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