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A lot of Canadian liberals will say YES, because it is rather fashionable among members of that crowd to see Canada as some sort of utopia that is free of all the sins of the United States. In reality though, I think the situation is much more complicated, and isn't simply a matter of Canadians being inherently 'less' racist.

I think part of the fact is that Canada, overall does not have much of a history of blacks, so there is less cultural/socioeconomic 'baggage' attached to being black in this country. Slavery in Canada was incredibly short lived because it was very impractical in a cold northern nation like this. This led to smaller black populations, which in turn left no need to create elaborate anti-segregation laws. It's really not unlike the situation in northern states like Vermont or Idaho or wherever.

But because we had no equivalent of the US South in this country, today Canada lacks the whole elaborate Jesse Jackson African-American civil rights subculture that is such a powerful force in American society. Blacks thus aren't really considered 'special' in Canada, and are instead simply just another visible minority group, like Asians and east Indians. A lot of today's Canadian blacks are likewise immigrants from Haiti, Jamaica, etc, and as such they are even more distant from the American African-American culture.

In short, I think the easiest answer is that a lot of Canadians simply don't really think or care much about blacks as a unique community. They've never really had enough of an active presence in Canadian society for people to develop strong feelings one way or another.
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