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I think it's used as fodder for comedy just because it's a shared experience.

Nowadays, of course, more and more people can't seem to tell the difference between corporal punishment and child abuse, and of course a fair number of people won't even recognize that there is a difference, so of course it's not funny to them.

Check out older comedians, the white ones used to do it to before they had to be more careful about offending people. Some of them still do, actually, but it's mostly comedians who also joke about even more "edgy" material, so they don't get flack for that because people are too busy being offended by the other things they say.

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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: Corporal Punishment Humor
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I saw a comic on a cruise ship that spent fifteen minutes telling deliberately exaggerated tales of childhood spankings. He described his Dad whipping him until he was unconscious and lying in a pool of urine, and to judge by the laughter in the room most everyone found these stories comically absurd. For me it was a disturbingly graphic description of the physical abuse that I endured up until the age of nine. I do realize that the other five-hundred people in the room were not standing over my bruised and bloody five-year-old body and laughing at the injuries, but that’s pretty much what it felt like. I also get that people find different things funny, but I don't want to be reminded of the most miserable and degrading moments of my life while out on a date trying to relax. I spent the rest of my vacation thinking about ambushing the comic in a dark corner of the ship and beating him till he pissed himself, so he would know what it felt like. Needless to say, it wasn't a good trip. I learned my lesson; now when a comic starts heading in that direction I switch the channel, or stand up and leave.

B.T. Kidd, Ocala, FL, United States
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