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Subject: The Glow
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I watched one of my pregnant friends go through this. She rarely got male attention before she was expecting, but once she was pregnant, whoa! I've noticed that healthy pregnant women have a glow about them. Maybe it's that they have clear skin, or stand up straighter and with confidence. Or maybe a pregnant woman brings out men's protective instincts. I don't know that it's common, but I know it happens.
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Category: Gender
Subject: Fetish
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It's a fetish. Some guys like the tight shirt on bulging belly look. This has also been known and seen on Paleolithic art like venus figurines.
It's obviously a new shape that looks attractive. He probably fantasizes you thinking,
'Oh, why is my body turning into shape?'
'I have no control over my growing belly!'
'Why can't I wear my jeans anymore?'
You could probably use this to an advantage in your sexual life. Doctors say sex during pregnancy is OK.

There's people who study this apparently.

Hope that helps.

BTW, Since I've answered your question, what do women think of men liking pregnant bodies? Do you think it's odd for men? Would women want to have sex? It's a taboo because it's basically lusting over someone else's woman. I'm curious because it's something that some men just keep secret because it doesn't seem appropriate.
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