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The only "teachers" I've ever met who made enough money to be "upper middle class" were a relatively few professors at some pretty prestigious universities.

All the others I've met, let alone known, fit pretty firmly in the middle class or lower middle class range, and seemed completely aware of it.

Like some other responders have suggested, it may be an issue of education vs. wealth, in which case there may be a bit of self-delusion going on here.

Personally, I'm comfortable with the fact that I incurred an amount of debt comparable to buying a small house to get my lower middle class brain an upper middle class education. I accept that the benefits are more than just the money that would have been required to simply go out and buy that degree for my own kids.

Jason S, Bloomington, IN, United States , 25 , Male , Christian , White/Caucasian , Straight , 4 Years of College , Lower middle class
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